It’s a been a while since I have taken photos of my 4 year old daughter Milica.. (pronounced MILITZA)
Just liked any other mom tog’s child, she’s not really into being photographed since we tend to do it soooooo much for our practice needs, so I took a long break from photographing her. After she turned 4 years old,I decided to give it a try again and dressed her up in the cutest light pink dress and floral crown a dear friend (Yessica) brought to her from Mexico. I told her we were going for scooter ride at a local park where I love to run and she was all into it. Once we got to the location, I told her we were going to go look for beautiful flowers and she loved the idea! As you can see I took a bunch of photos of her. It took me about 20 minutes or so until she said, “One more picture and that’s it mommy!” So these were the outcome.. 🙂

And one of these photos was featured on The Snap Society Weekly Favorites! Check it out!


The Snap Society Weekly Favorites Winner

A very humble thank you! <3


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